Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Ramblings...

With as busy as this week was, I stopped to realized how grateful I am for the little things that make life and work easier. Running around with fabric, tile and catalogs can be a little rough so I rely on my Lands End Tote bags. They are so durable, they can handle anything...groceries too!

Simply put, I can't believe other pens are still being sold. The sharpie pen is by far the best thing out there!

My iphone - my 2nd life partner. I still get lost...often, and she is always there to help me out. She keeps me entertained, on task and in line.

I got to break away from work and errands for a bit on Thursday to help out the hubs. He is working on a video for a client and needed some extra footage. We went over to the neighborhood park to film and got to play a little afterwards. I can't tell you how long it had been since I got to swing on a swing....we had so much fun.

Finally, I couldn't leave out the Pug. He looks like a little old man in this photo. It melts my heart. Wesley has been such a good assistant this week. We are headed south to visit my parents so I know he is excited about that....lots of treats.

*images courtesy of Lands End, Sharpie, Apple and K. Ellis

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