Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIY: Oh so Chic Lamp Shade...

This DIY begins with a little backstory.  I purchased the Shifting Buttons skirt on a recent visit to Anthropologie and it instantly became my favorite piece of clothing.  A few weeks ago I decided to throw it in the regular wash so I could pack it for a weekend trip.  

I had no time for the dry cleaners. I had an unfortunate stroke of luck and something went terribly wrong in the wash.  Somehow several small holes were made in the fabric.....who knows how that happened!?  :( 

So I did what any fashion hound would do....went on-line and purchased a brand new skirt!  I couldn't let the old one go to waste so I thought of a very clever way to reuse that fabulous fabric...

I covered a lamp shade to make a very cute and quite chic desk lamp.  Now I can have my favorite skirt in my wardrobe and in my home!!  

The lamp shade was purchased at Michael's and it comes already sticky with adhesive.  Runs about $16. Try this with your favorite fabric for a fabulous and green accessory!

*images courtesy of Anthropologie and K. Ellis

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