Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turquoise - Jewelry

So, yesterday I blogged about Turquoise, rooms that is or items in rooms.  Today, I want to share my love and obsession with turquoise jewelry.   I tend to buy things that either tell a story or mean something......and occasionally just for the heck of it.  Most of my turquoise comes from my New Mexico travels, which are often handcrafted by the Native Americans.  They are truly such talented and gifted artisans.  I am always in awe of their creations.  This style of jewelry always makes me feel a bit bohemian and I like that!

Below are some modern designs that feature this timeless stone.  One is Kendra Scott, fellow Austin gal. Her designs are beautiful and sophisticated.  You can really find turquoise anywhere and I have featured Kendra Scott, Stella & Dot and of course Anthropologie. 


Danielle Earrings - Kendra Scott Jewelry

One-times three rings - Anthropologie

Poppy Cocktail Ring - Kendra Scott Jewelry

Zaire Cuff - Kendra Scott Jewelry

A sampling of my favorite turquoise pieces.  Most of them are my treasures from Santa Fe over the years.

Couldn't keep from photographing more - My name is Kristen and I'm addicted to accessories. 

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  1. Turquoise Jewelry is a particularly problematic stone when it comes to verifying its authenticity. It consists of a phosphate of aluminium, colored by copper and traces of iron. Some gemologists believe that the beautiful blue color is produced by a complex ion formed from copper and ammonium. The finest colored material is mined and worked in Iran; its colors range from the highly desirable sky blue to a bluish green.